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Independent Web Developer

About Me

I have been developing websites professionally for more than 8 years. As an independent web developer, I offer a variety of web related services from web hosting, development, marketing, management, and social to search engine optimization and e-commerce. While working with me I will be your personal expert on all things web.


Shaun Farol

[email protected]

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Education and Employment


California State University, Los Angeles
Bachelor Degree
2015 – 2017
Communications (Specialization: Advertising and Public Relations)
The education focused on job-oriented and mediated communication for use in advertising, public relations, new media, in-house consumer products marketing, non-profit marketing, integrated communications, etc. As a communication major, we learned to work in teams and how to best use modern web channels to best communicate our ideas.
Citrus College
Associate Degree
2010 – 2014
Business Administration
While in Community College I earned an Business Administration, Biological/Physical Sciences & Mathamatics and Social and Behavioral Sciences before getting my transfer degree in Communication Studies. I was heavily involved in student life and studentgovernment acting as a Inter-Club Councel Representative to the Associated Students of Citrus College and later President of the Anime Connection.
Glendora High School
High School Diploma
ROP Cerification
Microsoft Office Specialist
While in highschool I took courses through the East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program and Technical Center. Through this ROP program I gained a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification, studied entrepreneuership, and took an e-commerce web development course for college credits toward my local Community College.


2010 – Present
Freelance - Web Developer Freelance - Web Developer
I began making my first websites in Highschool and have continued to make them non-stop since. I took my first paid job in 2010 and through word of mouth my clients would eventually expand to include artists, photographers, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs, churches, non-profits, a trade union, and various small businesses. Examples of my freelance work can be found in Projects
Purchase Green
2022- Present
Full-time - Web Manager Full-time - Web Manager
As Web Manager my responsibilities include managing (WordPress), (Magento), and our Cloud Digital Signage program. Responsibilities include web forms, analytics, SEO, and integration with the rest of the company tech stack.
T5 Digital
2015 – 2022
Full-time - Web Specialist Full-time - Web Specialist
After successfully deploying the new company website I was taken on by T5 Digital as a part-time web developer. My responsibilities included administration of our cPanel/WHM web server, our WordPress website, and overseeing the web analytics and marketing campaigns.
T5 Digital
Internship - Scan Operator Internship - Scan Operator
While transferring between Universities I began work with T5 Digital. Initially taken on as a scan operator my area of responsibility would later expand to include the development and deployment of a new company website.


Tools and Skillset

Indeed Skill Assesments

  • Search Engine Optimization (Expert)
  • Logic & Critical Thinking (Expert)
  • Data Analysis (Expert)
  • Marketing (Highly Proficient)
  • Graphic Design (Highly Proficient)
  • Email (Highly Proficient)
  • Business Math (Expert)
  • Problem Solving (Expert)
  • Microsoft Word (Expert)
  • Microsoft Excel (Highly Proficient)
  • Technical Support (Highly Proficient)
  • Social Media (Proficient)


  • Windows (10+ years)
  • MS Office (10+ years)
  • Notepad++ (8 years)
  • FileZilla (8 years)
  • WordPress (8 years)
  • WooCommerce (4 years)
  • Divi Builder (4 years)
  • Adobe Fireworks (10+ years)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (10+ years)
  • Adobe Photoshop (4 years)
  • Adobe After Effects (3 Years)
  • Adobe Illustrator (2 Years)
  • VisualStudio Code (2 years)
  • PuTTY (2 years)


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